VRST was founded in July 2019. In the fall of 2021, a prototype VR system  was developed for the Abu Dhabi Police to demonstrate the possibilities of this new technology in the area of training for law enforcement organizations.

Our Virtual Reality solutions allow you to simulate emergency situations, check evacuation procedures and routes or analyze employee behavior in a particularly risky situation. All this allows you to enter the real space more prepared. Over time, these solutions can evolve, be expanded and updated to meet the needs of your organization.


Using an Oculus or HTC viewer, learners enter a computer-generated environment where they carry out a risk assessment, learning by doing. The immersive nature of VR, the feeling of presence along with the ability to perform the task is ideal for engaging the behavioural skills learning system. Learners can make mistakes and understand consequences of failing to follow process. They can also learn the correct procedures through trial and error.

Workforce training has always been an area of difficulty because it can frequently require the travelling of long distances, potential safety concerns and complex training scenarios. However, VR is now being used to revolutionise employee training.

At VRST, we have helped industry leaders, to create immersive, educational 360° films and VR experiences. With the ability to transport users to realistic, risk-reduced work scenarios, employees can learn the skills and procedures attached to the role whilst also being actively engaged in the learning process.


When working offshore the number of employees working on an oil rig or other location are limited. Ships and platforms can only hold a limited amount of people and can carry a limited load. The rest of the environment is water, and lots of it. With AR Remote assistance several experts in different fields can be ‘present’ in digital form without actually being there.An employee can establish a wireless connection with a colleague in another location and ask for specific information. This allows for a more versatile approach to performing tasks. Instead of deploying many specialized people to one location, it’s possible to let a more general technician visit the site with live AR Remote assistance.