We are a team of engineers with over 15 years of experience in the safety & health sector.

By combining our skills with those of specialized developers  able to design high VR/AR solutions.

Our mission is to develop hi-end VR / AR technologies in a manner that best fits the objectives of our clients.

Our VR solutions allow you to simulate emergency situations, check evacuation procedures and routes or analyze employee behavior in a particularly risky situation. All this allows you to enter the real space more prepared. Over time, these solutions can evolve, be expanded and updated to meet the needs of your organization.


Using an Oculus or HTC viewer, learners enter a computer-generated environment where they carry out a risk assessment, learning by doing. The immersive nature of VR, the feeling of presence along with the ability to perform the task is ideal for engaging the behavioural skills learning system. Learners can make mistakes and understand consequences of failing to follow process. They can also learn the correct procedures through trial and error.


Augmented Reality allows users to enhance their field of view with real-time super imposed digital information. This allows users to gain any/all information on an asset or step by step instructions on how to repair an asset, for example.

Engineers can see 4D images above assets in their facilities that prompt them with instructions and also give them a mapping of all asset functionality. This wearable technology allows engineers to discover asset information faster and closes the knowledge gap for new hires.